دوشنبه 10 مهر 1396 2017-10-02 14:49

By using BisPhone Plus you agreed:

• BisPhone Plus provides a communication platform for its users through which they can chat in two or more groups, create content or provide services on the channel,voice call or video together and use its secondary services to communicate between Use themselves.
• The BisPhone Plus is follows by the laws and is in compliance with the major policies adopted by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and does not carry out any illegal or extrajudicial action.
•  BisPhone PLUS does not accept any responsibility for the content transported on its own.

Data storage
• In its previous version, the  BisPhone did not store any user messages, but in the current version (the  BisPhone Plus), with the possibility of using multiple devices for a single user account (Multi Device), they securely send users' messages securely.
Safe maintenance is that not only are these servers physically and securely secured, but are also securely protected in a rigorous manner. All user data is also stored on the server, which is only accessible through the unique  BisPhone Plus protocols and is available only to the same user via the Biosphone Plus software.
• If the messages or user profiles by themselves are deleted from the  BisPhone Plus, the BisPhone Plus will also completely remove this information from its servers.

The quality of service
•  BisPhone Plus does its best to provide the best quality service, but with the use of this messenger from the Internet, the quality of service delivery may be reduced due to the quality of Internet users, in which case the  BisPhone Plus will be responsible for The quality drop does not.

The Channel
•  BisPhone Plus users can create channels in this messenger. To create a channel, you must define a unique identifier.  BisPhone PLUS does not guarantee that this ID is free.
• Each user of the  BisPhone Plus can create up to 5 channels with their account.
•  BisPhone Plus will not be responsible for the content generated on the channels. However, it has created a reporting mechanism for users to gain general satisfaction, which users can then report to a violation or problem.
• If the  BisPhone PLUS makes sure that the Channel Manager claims to channel the channel to a true or legal person, then it is free to grant the approved channel tag to that channel. Granting this label will not create any right for the channel manager and will not be responsible for the use of the  BisPhone Plus.
• The approved channel tag is a green check mark next to the name or image of the channel.

• Cellphone users can contact their friends through this messenger. The first way of calling is the use of voice calling inside the messenger, which is only established between two users of the phone. The second way of calling is to use a call outside the network of the BisPhone Plus.
•  BisPhone Plus is free to make calls to one or more destinations at any time.

•  BisPhone Plus users can provide their friends access to their location at a desired time. This service will only be activated if the user has given permission to access their location.
• This information is only for those first authorized by the user and is sent only when the user first specifies.